Employed Electrician Or Independent Electrician

Before getting service from any electricians in Brisbane, what you need to know first is, are you getting service from an employed electrician or someone working freelance or as an independent contractor.

They both come with advantages and disadvantages, thus it is best that you assess before getting their service.

Employed electrician

An employed electrician is someone who is connected to an electrical company. He works in behalf of the company he is working with. He or she is usually seen working on larger size electrical needs, it can either be for construction, commercial etc.

Benefits of getting an employed electrician:

  • Assurance that electrician you can get is highly trained. Companies will not dispatch employees that are not highly qualified, ready and trained. You are guaranteed that they are well rounded working on different workload.
  • For any dissatisfaction, you know where to send your dismay. Surely, not something you want to experience, but if any case that they have committed errors, you know that immediate action will be provided the soonest time possible. They are easy to contact and reach, thus getting them back on the site is no sweat. You can have the opportunity of choosing the same electrician or someone else employed in the company.
  • Electrician working on companies, have enough power tools and equipments they need to ensure that they can complete the work done correctly and accurately. No need to worry about any chances of not having the right equipment to work on the task, as they have it all, for sure (provided by the company, where they are working at).

Independent electrician

These electricians are commonly working on smaller electrical jobs, it can be on households or establishments were issues or repair is not as huge or complex.

Benefits of getting independent electrician

  • Since they usually come from your neighborhood, they are easier to contact, thus arriving at your area for emergency electrical work is easy. They are the better option for emergency electrical jobs, especially if they are not as complex but needs urgent resolution.
  • Most of the time, electricians working independently, seek for cheaper rates. They will be charging lesser than those electrical companies who charge fixed rates. Asking for discounts is highly possible when service is coming from an independent electrician.
  • Since they are working independently, it is easier to talk and discuss things with them, they need not to consult anyone, as they will decide on things themselves, without seeking for approvals.