Eco Friendly Weddings

You may think that a wedding without specially designed wedding cards is a sad affair. But surprisingly enough, e-mail invitations are the new norm. With the plethora of software available you can create amazing looking e-cards and send them out to all the guests. If you absolutely must have wedding cards, then use them to invite only the closest of relatives.

Or, an ideal solution would be to use recycled paper to make your wedding cards. Recycled and handmade paper comes in wonderful colors and designs and you can use a design that suits the theme of your wedding to create your cards.

Grow your own flowers

Weddings and flowers go hand in hand, but few of us know that the chemicals and pesticides used to grow flowers on a large scale are a severe detriment to our environment. Instead, for your wedding you can grow your own flowers. Not only will these be special, they will also be chemical free and will hurt Mother Earth just a little less!

Incorporate a photo booth to your wedding.

Go organic with the food

When ordering food for the event three words should be your mantra – organic, vegan, and local. This way you will make sure your guests have the best of fresh local produce that is environmental friendly and delicious as well. Choose wedding catering Melbourne that will give you different menus for your guests to enjoy.

With these few tips, you can have a grand wedding without experiencing the additional guilt of destroying the environment. Go eco-friendly, and have an outdoor wedding with a difference! After all it is a day you will want to remember forever.

Designer plus size clothes is great outfit when attending this kind of occasion. Some prefer light colors or wedding motif.

You can ask a friend or relative to send the wines via shipping US to Australia services.

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