Do You Know if Your Website Design is Legal?

In this era of e-commerce and high end technology, almost every business house has their own website and many business transactions take place through the web. The purpose of creating your website can be either for professional use, advertisement or for entertainment. But, the website designers should always bear in mind; the legal aspects required and abide by the legal rules.

Stay away from copyright infringements

The copyright act, has given five exclusive rights to owners of copyright. Any person violating these rights might be in serious trouble. The rights to stop others from copying your work, right to display your work in public, right to distribute copies of your work to the public are some of the exclusive rights.

Stealing images which are copyrighted maybe a legal offense. You could copy images only if the authorized person has given you a legal permission to do so. Therefore, before you get on to the internet and copy and click on “save as” for any image look into the copyright conditions. The website designers are  careful when selecting images from the internet and are  also confident that they are free to use and are not bound by any legal copyright restrictions.

Protect your domain name

With the growth in use of internet, giving an address to your website has become common. Be cautious and select a domain name which is not trademarked by other website designers. Before creating a domain name, check if it is available and get it registered using an appropriate registration form.

The web designer should also be aware of the CRM ( Customer Relationship Management ) when creating your website.

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