Difference Between Cable Boarding and Wake Boarding

Wakeboarding gives a powerful adrenalin rush every time you enjoy the sport and perhaps this is why it has a huge legion of fans all over the globe. However it’s a moderate to high risk sport and people who want to have a safe and fun experience should comply with all the safety guidelines and precautions.

A person rushing through windy waters in a dashing wakeboards may seem like an attractive picture but in real life it’s a highly unsafe scenario. You may have been looking forward to a day of fun with your wake board but if the weatherman says “rough weather and stormy waters” you should stay put in your home. Choppy waves, too much of rain and the wind will affect your visibility badly and you are likely to lose control over the wakeboard.

Cable Boarding

Sometimes the participants are pulled by overhead cables attached to a winch. This is known as cable wake boarding.

Cable wake boarding has several advantages. It is easier to learn as compared to regular wake boarding. With wake boarding when being pulled by a boat, the speed is high from the beginning. A beginner can learn cable wake boarding within an hour and feel comfortable and confident.

Cables wake boarding allows several people to ride at the same time. With a motor boat only one or two people can ride. This makes it much less expensive as compared to regular wake boarding with a boat. Since the cable system uses electricity, it does not produce waste by burning up diesel and generating smoke. It does not pollute either the water or the air. Hence it is a much more environment friendly sport.