Facts about Your Teeth You Didn’t Know

Teeth are the incredible assets, which enable you to eat, chew, munch and enhance your beauty. Life without teeth seems like a nightmare. Only proper care and regular check-up from dentists can ensure the healthy life of your teeth.

Emergency dentists recommend that we need to have a dental check-up every 6 months. What follows are some of the facts that you should know about your teeth. See Bundaberg dentists

Salt is as Harmful for Teeth as Sugar is

You all know that sugar is not good for teeth, and you probably might be stopping your kids from eating candies and chocolates. But the fact that you might not know is, salt and acidic food is also as harmful as sugar is. Fizzy drinks, sour food, sour candies and other sour items can seriously deteriorate the enamel of your teeth.

Kids are more prone to get affected by sour items because their enamel is not full developed; it takes at least ten years to develop, after new teeth come. Acidic items, if consumed with meal can mitigate the adverse effects of these items.

Lip or Tongue Piercing – Foe of Your Teeth

Lip piercing and tongue piercing are the biggest foes of healthy teeth. The metal worn, in the pierced part might cause serious damage to your tooth enamel. Every time, you will open your mouth to speak, to chew or for any other purpose, the metal will strike your teeth and will make the enamel weak.

Harmful bacteria start gathering around the adornment you wear, and can cause serious health problems. People having lip or tongue piercing are more susceptible of losing their tooth in a very early age. Moreover, they can suffer from several other oral problems.

As mentioned above, you need to consult a cosmetic dentist for professional advise on how to properly take care your teeth.