Dental Phobia – What is it?

The buzz of the sterilized dental tools! Your dentist’s eyes popping out from the green mask! Leaning in the seat pinned down! The sharp needle prick! To many, all of this is a routine when visiting a dentist. But for some this is the worst experience in the world. This is known as dental phobia.
Effects of avoiding Dental care

It is estimated that almost 50% population all over the world avoid dental care, most commonly because of the fear surrounding it. This will have a serious ramification on your overall well being as well as dental health.

Infected gums and teeth can compromise your medical status as well as your ability to chew and digest. You can also have speech related problems which might lead to serious limitations in your business and social interactions.

Plus your self esteem will also have an effect if you get insecure about your smile and breath. Your visit to the cosmetic dentists will splurge your bill if dental problems are not treated on time.

Regular dental checkup helps you save money.

If you get gingivitis, have a chronic condition of bleeding gums or inflamed gums, you will have to spend a lot to save your teeth as well as get rid of  other dental problems. If you frequently keep your dentist appointments, he will catch on these symptoms early on before it manifests into a severe problem.

If the dentist feels you are showing signs of oral cancer, the early treatment of this disease will not cost as much as it would if caught in the later stages. There will be no unnecessary expenses as you will be preventing the problem from turning into something life threatening.

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