Corporate Videos vs Marketing Videos

The major difference between corporate and marketing video is the purpose of the video. Corporate videos are intended to be informative. They talk about the company, about the management, may show a few client testimonial recordings, might provide information on the services offered by a company and the other details. It’s typically informative.


Corporate videos are lengthy. As they are meant to inform the audience, which can also consist of strategic partners and board of directors, corporate videos are long. Though the message is concise in itself and a video production company would be able to edit it well, these videos contain all the information which is meant to be shared. Some may even run for a few minutes to an hour. See Video Production Sydney

Marketing videos are shorter in length. It is said that the span of attention of a person is pretty less. To maintain the interest levels and grasp the attention, marketing videos are made shorter. They contain simple parts like asking genuine questions or welcoming the visitor, these then lead you to the main message or content, and then end by telling you how you can benefit from what you just saw. Any video production company will tell you than marketing videos are more challenging, as you need to grasp the attention and convey the message in a very short time.

When the video is being made, you may have to go down to the studio to okay samples and the company may have to re-work things quite a bit. Remember to talk about such scenarios beforehand so that you are not presented with a huge bill for the re-works at the end of the day. It is important to have all important decisions written down on mail or on paper.