Corporate Team Building for Teaching CSR

Corporates can only thrive in the true sense when they share a symbiotic relationship with society. Organizations are slowly waking up to the fact that corporate social responsibility is an important brand enhancement tool and e tangible way of strengthening the local ecosystem. It is the duty of the human resources or the team development department to teach employees about the importance of CSR through relevant corporate team building exercises.

Advantages of sponsoring CSR programs

Volunteering for a cause brings more than an enhanced brand image and good press reviews to organizations. The famous “power skills” research carried out a few year back actually studied the benefits to sponsoring organizations.

Out of the 100 participants who actively engaged in the survey, 84% admitted that they noticed a vast difference in their leadership capacities after the CSR program. About 75% participants said that their communication skills improved markedly after participation in the team building program and 62% participants freely admitted to the improvement in their organizing skills.

Multi tasking also seems to be one of the areas of improvement for about 50% of the respondents.

Why are CSR programs so great?

The community or cause that the organization serves n its CSR attempt will actually teach the participants a lot about true leadership and team management. Firstly the recipients are totally unaware about the organizational dynamics and its work processes and their wide eyed wonder can be an accurate mirror which reflects the true organizational picture with all its inherent strengths and flaws.