Contest Ideas for Trade Show Booths

When you want to create exposure for your organisation or business at a trade show exhibition display, you can arrange for a number of fun and enjoyable contests to lure visitors to your booth. Most of the exhibition display guests loves to win prizes. Listed here are some of the most common contest show.


Arranging a raffle for special items in your trade show booth can pay rich dividends. The contestants need to fill out a form or a card with their contact details and names in order to enter the contest and win.

Once the trade show wraps up and you have the winner’s name on your hands, you can contact him or her. But because every contestant is forced to provide his or her contact details in order to participate in the raffle, you will have a whole list of potential clients or customers who can be the future recipients of your announcements and mail outs.

Prize Wheel

Trade show booths often attract visitors by designing a custom prize wheel. You can include stuff such as educative and informational brochures about your trade organisation or product samples from your company or big ticket prizes of other kinds in the prize wheel. The design of your prize wheel should definitely display your company logo in bold.
If you encourage visitors and passers-by to try their hands at the prize wheel and win freebies of the kind mentioned above, you will definitely create a sound buzz for your booth at the trade fair.