Compliment Your Trade Show Exhibit Using the Social Media

Apart from announcing your trade show in a press release, make sure you announce it in parts on social media, too. By posting pictures and updates from time to time will attract people in a big way.

A blog always offers better opportunity for you to flaunt your advertising skills. Impressive writing and attractive pictures that go with it will make sure it grabs some attention. So talk about things leading up to the event on your blog, and post that link on Facebook, Twitter and the rest.

When the event starts, make sure that you not only take a lot of pictures, but also make a video of it: your staff interacting with the customers, your customers listening and checking out your promotional products, the buzz about it, et al.

Once you are done with it, edit the video well (maybe with a voice recording and captions) and post it on all your social media profiles, especially on YouTube. Visuals are always more attractive than just words.

This shows that you actually care about your business and your customers. And don’t forget to follow up. Ask questions or conduct a poll on your social media profiles and interact with your customers to know about their opinions about the show.

Finally, if trade show stand are meant to advertise your business, then talking about them on social media is meant to advertise your trade shows. Playing the game well using social media will certainly get you the rewards you deserve.

Joining a tradeshow is one of the best marketing ideas that you can do for your business. It allows you to know your customers as well as competitors. Nowadays, discount vouchers have become a common tactic for businessman to attract more customers.

In addition, promotional giveaways are necessary when you will participate on a trade show. Check Corporate Promotional Products Brisbane.