Common Types of Wall Planters for Vertical Gardens

Everyone desires to beautify the walls of their gardens but this isn’t such an easy goal to accomplish. While there are plants like vine plant which will grow themselves on the walls enhancing their beauty, more often they end up messing the wall with uneven pattern of growth and you find yourself spending most your waking hours in cutting those extra parts. A better way to adorn your walls with nature is by mounting the wall plants in the vertical gardens. They are those small containers which hang on the walls, facilitating the growth of the plants the way you want.

Living wall planter

These are the most easy to use and convenient wall planters available in the market. Their hard outer covering not only keep the plants in a good shape but also help them grow naturally by giving them the right amount of water and inclination. These wall planters can be installed anywhere in your house or outside of it in a few steps. First thing is to mount the hangers on the wall. They have been improvised in such a way that they can be mounted on any type of wall, be it masonry, concrete, wooden or any other type. You name it and it will get mounted perfectly.

Planting into containers

These wall planters allow you to easily plant or replant in the containers. You can either plant them in your house or plant them at some other site and bring them back to be put in the hanger.

Paint your wall with the help of a professional painter.