Common Problems you Should Be Prepared to Face during a Floor Sanding Process

Wooden floors are beautiful and can surely elegance to your home interior. With this being said, wooden floors should be maintained and sand once in a while. There are things, however, that you need to know when you opt this solution.

Uneven and wavy floors

Floor sanding is quite a strenuous and complicated process if not done with cautiousness. Even professionals who do sanding have to be careful as the machines are barrel shaped and are pretty heavy to use and when they run it on a high speed it may make the floor look uneven or wavy.

So, it is very much necessary that the machine is run on a constant minimum speed and someone is always looking after the work. Trained professionals are skilled to do this work and hence can add to the aesthetic improvement.

Soft wood used

Often people who have installed soft wood floor in their homes cannot use the sanding machine after two to three times as the pressure can cause depression on the wood surface. Also the wood may lose its texture and shine, which ultimately leads to damage of the wooden floor. So it is always preferable to use a hand sander with disks which are adjustable and have fine grits.

Erupting nails

Wooden floors which are old tend to get weak after a few years and all the nails start popping their heads out of the floor. These may also be unevenly scattered. If not seen prior to starting the work, they may strip off the sand paper which is used to sand the floors. So, before you start floor sanding always make sure that the nails are hammered to their original positions.


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