Commercial Painting Services

Most commercial painters will require a 20 percent advance payment for covering the cost of materials. The standard deposit varies from painter to painter. But if a commercial painting contractor demands a 50 or 60 percent or 100 percent up front deposit even before starting on the paint job, you should be wary of hiring such a crook. Instead, hire someone who is known for experienced and credibility – Sydney painters.

Some other signs you should watch out for to prevent being scammed by unethical commercial painting services are lack of a web presence/website, lack of insurance and warranty and no physical address of a brick and mortar office.

There are also unethical contractors who lower their estimates if you are ready to pay them full cash. They do this to bypass paying government taxes. Unprofessional painters also lower their prices without reducing the scope of work and bad mouth other painting services in your area.

Too High or Too Low Quotes

Of course while hiring commercial painters, you will do a price comparison and compare between the quotes of several contractors. This will give you an idea of the market price for painting your house. But if the quote offered by one contractor seems way too high or way too low below the market price, you may want to check out other contractors who are offering a much more acceptable estimate.

Commercial painters always guarantee a great painting job. The contractor may be taking advantage of your ignorance and ripping you off. An extremely low quote, which is too good to be true, may be an indicator of subpar workmanship.