Commercial Carpet Cleaning Tips from the Professionals

After carpets have been given a good commercial carpet cleaning session with a highly trained professional team, the team members would encourage their clients to perform minor maintenance on their carpets until the next the next schedule for the next carpet cleaning comes. These small acts will actually benefit your carpet not only by keeping it clean but also making sure that it will still look presentable even after it has served a business or a home for several years. Here are three easy commercial carpet cleaning tips to perform at home or in the office that is guaranteed to help carpets last longer.

Regular vacuuming

Regular vacuuming is a tip a commercial carpet cleaning team would usually give to their clients. Regular vacuuming helps remove traffic that builds up over time the more the carpet is used, especially after a good clean up. Regular vacuuming can be easily done and it should be scheduled two or three times a week for carpeted areas with the most traffic. On the other hand its counterpart, the one that has the least amount of traffic, can be cleaned once a week.

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Reapplication of protecting solutions

Post commercial carpet cleaning process, the carpet is applied with several protecting solutions. These solutions have different purposes: some are used to prevent odors from settling in the carpet while others protect the carpet from getting stained. There are even carpet protectants that help against spills. Nevertheless, it is important for clients to reapply these solutions to ensure that their carpets are in peak condition – especially if these carpets are used in a commercial setting where a good impression is highly needed. Reapplication keeps the carpets maintained as foul odor, as well as stains, is kept at bay from contaminating the carpets.

Colorfast testing

Commercial carpet cleaning professionals also tell their clients to always try a colorfast testing to avoid getting their carpets suffer from a color bleed if the wrong solution is being used. When a carpet suffers a color bleed, it will lose its color in some areas and fade at those specific spots while the colors that leaked may affect other materials. This is also true for using area rugs that are used over carpets as this can also possibly bleed out its colors, in turn damaging the carpet underneath it. Colorfast testing is quick and easy to do: a small corner of the carpet is applied with the cleaning solution. If the color does not fade, it is safe to use. Otherwise, using it should be discontinued otherwise it will damage the carpet.