Choosing Colours for Your Office

Colours can distract, relax, motivate, or depress! In fact the right combination of colours can bring about any mood so if you are calling in commercial painting service to redecorate your office, choose the colours with care.


Purple or violet can convey several emotions. It can be calming, motivating, inspire creativity, and lend warmth and feminity. Different shades of purple can convey different feelings.


Gray combines black and white. It creates an atmosphere of formality and sophistication. It is an executive colour which represents professionalism and intelligence. Gray in combination with red is good for offices where there are a lot of professional women like lawyers, accountants, architects, doctors and many more.


Brown denotes security. It is a neutral colour which lends a sense of strength, security, and reliability to the office space. To create a practical atmosphere use earthy shades of brown in combination with green. If you want to create elegance, use beige and rust. There are many other shades of brown you can choose from.


Orange is a fiery colour which attracts attention immediately. It creates an atmosphere of hospitality and friendliness. Welcome your clients with splashes of orange in your reception, lounge, or waiting areas. They will feel warm, comfortable, and welcome. Have shades of peach in the cabins to make your customers feel wanted and happy.


White denotes peace simplicity and purity. It makes your office look roomy and big. Because it reflects light, it can make a poorly lit room look bright. When using white, use it in combination with other colours.

You should also choose the right colour for your bathroom as it is one of the most important part of the office.