Celebrate your Wedding on a Cruise

Wedding is a great way to celebrate the union of two souls. It marks the beginning of your journey as husband and wife eternally. And as always, honeymoon is one of the best parts of the wedding rituals.


The most common and traditional way to celebrate the wedding is to have it done it a church, garden or spend a couple of days in a beach. This has been the tradition ever since and been handed from generations. But since it is a new age now and we are already in modern times, It is now the time to try new things in life. A party boat Hire is one of the new and exciting things to try especially if you are to celebrate the new stage of your life.

Here is why party boat hire is worth a try:

Most of the cruise ships offers wedding packages and this will give an advantage when it comes to the price. Along with the package includes photos taken, memorabilia, special food or desserts, flowers, special music and a lot of things that I am sure both of you can appreciate. Some packages include but not limited to having your own wedding coordinator, bottle of sparkling wine for toasting, 8 inch wedding cake, other offers custom made cakes, and photography services. Elegant bridal bouquet is provided also.

The honeymoon stage which we all know is important is also included in some packages. In the wedding night, you can enjoy a special champagne and decorated stateroom. Breakfast in bed, Special dinner for two during the sail after the wedding day and a keepsake of marriage certificate.

The perks of trying the party boat hire is that you will be able to choose your destinations and you can easily just decide on the time spent on each destination. Surely the destinations will be amazing and worth your while since it is not always or everyday you get to spend the moment there with your special someone.

In addition you can bring the people who you would want to share the most important event in your life and will not be very costly since more packages includes discount for large group of people. Your wedding day that will be spent on a cruise will never be
forgotten, not just for you but for everybody else you bring. Wedding in a cruise is not happened to every couple so why not take advantage and sign up for promos now to get a lot of discounts. Just coordinate with the wedding coordinator of the cruise that will be provided to lessen the pressure that is on you. Happy Wedding!

Don’t forget to have a photobooth for your wedding.