Causes for Leaking Ceiling

Ever watched a nice movie with your family while it was raining outside? Or read a book with a mug of delicious hot coffee beside you, while hearing the raid drops splashing against your windowpanes? It all sounds beautiful, isn’t it? It is, of course. Now imagine doing these things while your ceiling is leaking. Not so beautiful now, is it? Time you got in touch with industrial plumber Brisbane.


One of the basic causes when it comes to leaking ceiling is either the water dripping through an already existing crack or a crack has formed newly because of the pooling of water caused by breaking through some material. Water may take time to wear through. It mostly depends on the strength of the material. There is always another possibility that the water travels through the attic and leak into a room that is far away from the original source of the leaking ceiling.


Weather plays a very important role in causing ceiling leaks. Too much rain is one of the main causes. The rain wears at the roof and then it drips into the nearby attic. The process is repeated on the layer which is your ceiling.

There are at least ten places on your roof that can be easily damaged by rain splashes. The water can easily break through the sections of your roof, resulting in cracks. Another possibility is that the wind has pushed the water towards the same place. Water accumulates because of this and causes cracks, resulting in leakage.