Carpet cleaners – a crash course on the carpet cleaning machines

Carpet cleaning is a task that is better performed with a carpet cleaner in order to optimize the cleaning process which will be beneficial for the carpet and the people who make use of it. Commercial carpet cleaners use carpet cleaning techniques that require the use of a machine achieve their goal but these machines vary depending on the carpet cleaning technique being employed by the carpet cleaners. Here are three known machines used by carpet cleaners to clean carpets.

Hot water extraction machine

The hot water extraction method is perhaps the most celebrated carpet cleaning technique and is praised highly for its magnificent effects on the carpet. The hot water extraction method makes use of a hot water extraction machine. When using this machine, a strong spray of water which resembles steam is applied all over the carpet which forces dirt to release its hold on the fibers and is then vacuumed to remove it. The hot water extraction machine comes in two sizes: the portable machine which carpet cleaners can bring with them everywhere or the truck mounted machine. The latter arrangement is said to be much more effective than its portable counterpart.

Bonnet carpet cleaning machine

The bonnet method is another carpet cleaning method used by carpet cleaners to ensure that the carpets owned by their clients are spotless clean. The bonnet carpet cleaning machine, however, is unique as it takes up the appearance of a floor buffer but it works in a different manner. At the bottom of the machine, instead of looking at buffers, a bonnet carpet cleaning machine has bonnets attached to it. These bonnets rotate and pick up the dirt which has been expelled by the cleaning solution. The good thing about using the bonnet carpet cleaning machine is that it can save money as the bonnets can simply be removed, washed and installed unless if it needs to be replaced.

Carpet shampoo machine

Carpet shampoos are one of the most popular methods of cleaning a carpet. This can be done with the help of carpet cleaners or be performed in a do-it-yourself fashion. The carpet shampoo machine comes in two types, namely the cylindrical foam machine and the rotary shampoo machine, and each machine has a different operating mechanism. The rotary shampoo machine works by activating the shampoo on the floor and the foam can simply be sucked using a wet vacuum in order to clean the carpet. On the other hand, cylindrical foam machine on the other hand creates dry foam which is applied and activated on the carpet. The cylindrical foam machine is also dependent on the use of a wet vacuum in order for the carpet to be cleaned efficiently.

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