Buying a Diamond Ring For the First Time

Always insist on checking the gem’s certificate of authenticity before purchasing any diamond ring. GIA (Gemological Institute of America) certificate is one of the best standards in the industry and no matter how many diamond rings you compare, all stones must should carry this certificate in original. Original certificates clearly indicate in red the flaws and imperfections on the stone while these may not be so visible on the photocopies.

Know your Ring before Purchasing

Knowing how to check different components of the ring will help you to shop confidently and avoid being taken for a ride by unscrupulous salespersons. The band is usually made from platinum; gold or silver. Platinum is the most popular choice albeit the most expensive too. The silvery sheen of platinum highlights the brilliance of a diamond in its most natural shade while gold can make a stone appear slightly yellowish. Gold bands are available in different purity such as 18carat/14carat or 10carat. White gold is available too which is alloyed with rhodium for a silvery finish.

The setting is important too as it is influence the practicality and durability of the ring. Settings can be invisible or pronged. Rings with high stones and invisible setting are not ideal for everyday use where the ring will be subjected to a lot of wear and tear. Such rings will also catch on garments and articles frequently; making them further prone to damage. Six pronged settings are safer for rings meant for everyday use.

The gemstone is the centrepiece of the ring. Always check the diamond on four Cs i.e. colour; clarity; cut and carat of the stone.