Building a Team – Role of A Manager

A manager might be excellent at managing his work but when it comes to managing people, he might fail miserably. Be passionate about your work and radiate energy which stimulates your subordinates.

Inspire People. Motivate people, don’t dictate them. Create more leaders, not followers. John F Kennedy transformed himself from a shy, awkward young man to be one of the most charismatic personalities. He learnt to be a great leader, so can you.

Incorporate activities designed to foster communication and encourage cooperation within the team. These team building efforts will improve the performance of the team. Team building activities offers activities suited for developing communication within your company.


The team members should clearly know what is expected out of them. It is important to discuss to them the scope of their job and the responsibilities it have. When the performance standards are clear and definitive enough, measuring the performance becomes easier.

They have to be aware, that as they are working in a team, they have to be interdependent on other team members for certain things. All this should be clearly defined to avoid any conflict and to promote personal interaction among the team.

If the team member knows that he is dependent on other team members, then he will make it his personal responsibility to maintain good relations with his colleagues, creating a healthy environment.

Provide feedback to each team member about what he is already doing well and what needs to be improved. Be open to suggestions from your team and make sure that you work on their feedback as well. Encourage new ideas from the team and involve them in decision making. This will generate a sense of trust and bonding in the team.

Corporate team building is one of the best place where you can develop your team through different team activities.