Blocked drains and the problems it could do

When waste water from the bathroom, toilet or sink is having difficulty travelling from its source to the sewers and will stay almost as is from the source, then a blocked drain just might be the culprit. Blocked drains are problems that stem from several issues such as an item clogging the pipeline, a result from flooding or even a mistake in the installation or design of the pipes. This should be solved immediately because it can do more than just flood an area as it can do other problems besides that. Here are three more problems blocked drains can possibly do to a residential or commercial area and are more than enough reasons for blocked drains to be treated as soon as possible.




Odor is one of the main problems that blocked drains can do and usually follows suit a blockage occurs. For obvious reasons, waste water is being transported from a certain source to its respective type of sewer. If, for example, waste water from the toilet is not easily flushed due to a blocked pipe, the bad smell will make itself known and will become an imminent problem for the people living or making use of the building where the blocked drains are set in.

Physical damage

Physical damage is another problem that blocked drains can create and it mostly affects wooden structures. With a blocked pipe, there will be drips coming out from a certain corner of the pipe and should the pipe be installed near a part of the structure made out of wood, slowly but surely it will destroy that area. Should the wooden part play an important part of the structure, it should be protected otherwise the structure will be crippled and may possibly bring harm to those who are making use of the building.

Appearance of mold and mildew

Another problem which blocked drains will pose is that mold and mildew will appear due to the fact that waste water is being carried through the pipes and its path is being blocked. When the waste is not properly transported, the waste it carries will produce mold and mildew in and around the pipe as well as its surrounding areas. Mold and mildew will become a threat to health as it can pose problems, especially those types of mold or mildew strains that can be potentially dangerous to humans and animals.

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