Birth Injuries and Midwife Negligence

Ever since time immortal, women gave birth to babies at home. Later doctors took over the task because of the many problems faced by women which could not be dealt with at home. In modern times women go to a hospital for prenatal care, delivery and postpartum care.

But even today, many women choose to deliver at home with the help of a midwife. Ordinarily if everything is alright it is perfectly fine to do so. But be warned that midwives are not medically qualified. They rely more on experience than knowledge. Hence there is a chance that something may go wrong due to negligence or ignorance.

Personal injury lawyers can help you claim compensation from the midwife. Have their experts study the situation and determine the responsibility.

Birth injuries usually result from one of the following reasons, particularly if the delivery is handled by a midwife:

The Patient

Not all women are fit to deliver at home. Those who have a chronic disease or develop some gestational disease should consult a qualified gynecologist or obstetrician. Women who have had a cesarean section during the first delivery are usually advised to opt for a cesarean the second time too.

Vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC) can be risky. This risk is often ignored by midwives. Many do not even ask about the first delivery. This negligence or oversight can prove harmful to mother and child.


Midwives are required to meet certain standards to acquire a license. Patients often do not check for proper credentials before retaining the services of midwives. As a result if negligence occurs, not only are you and the baby harmed, you may not even be compensated for your loss because you were careless.

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