Beyond Carpet Steam Cleaning: Upholstery Cleaning

Carpet steam cleaning is the most renowned carpet cleaning technique as it not only effectively removes dirt but it also gives carpets an intense refreshing session that clients will certainly enjoy. Its deep cleansing action even removes possible allergens, such as dander and pollen, which have settled in the carpet because of pets or when pollen gets in a building through an open window or door. With all the benefits that carpet steam cleaning can bring to carpets, this powerful method can actually extend its prowess to other materials besides the carpet.



Believe it or not, carpet steam cleaning Sydney is very much compatible with upholstery. When this cleaning method is used, all the benefits that received from carpet steam cleaning will also be greatly enjoyed on furniture as well. Should a piece of furniture be said to be only compatible with dry cleaning, this inventive carpet cleaning method can do just fine when being used on these furniture and to make sure that the entire process is safe, a small corner of the furniture will be tested for safety in order to prove its safety in application.

The usual process for steam carpet cleaning would be applied when it comes to upholstery cleaning such as giving the furniture a good vacuuming before proceeding with using the hot water extraction method to provide an overall clean to the furniture and in the exact same manner as how carpets are cleaned, a strong jet of hot water that resembles steam is sprayed onto the surface and then vacuumed the minute the dirt has been loosened from its folds. It should be noted however that when the hot water extraction method is performed on upholstery, whatever protective oils the furniture comes with, will be stripped along with the dirt that is being removed from it.

When professional carpet cleaners are also tasked to add upholstery in their carpet cleaning duty, they would also make it a point to include in their task a service known as protective solution reapplication. The reason for this is that just like the carpets, the furniture will be devoid of its protective oils the minute it experiences cleaning and will be vulnerable to potential damages such as stains after wards so the need to apply and maintain protective solutions is a must. Drying time will most likely take up to a maximum of 12 hours unless if it is otherwise stated by the tags that goes with the upholstery.