Benefits of Solar Energy

There are a few more advantages of solar energy when compared to wind energy. Solar energy doesn’t involve moving panels, and is more reliable. It has greater power output than wind energy. The output for solar energy is predictable in almost all the locations. But wind energy output is less predictable. Solar energy panels are less susceptible to high wind and lightning strikes.

Very high wind speeds can damage the turbines. In residential areas, installation of wind turbines is not allowed, but solar panels can be used anywhere. Solar electricity is more diverse – it can light up bulbs in a house and can also run heavy machines in an industry. But wind energy can only do a specific number of tasks. This clearly shows that solar energy is better than wind energy.

More power and easy to transport

Solar panels produce more solar electricity if the sunlight is strong. This means during summer afternoons, when the energy requirement is high, these panels generate maximum output. This is not the case with Wind Energy. They depend solely on the intensity of winds, which may or may not be strong every time.

Solar panels are modular in shape. They take up less space and can be easily installed on roof tops and open spaces. They don’t need special installation techniques. They only need to face the Sun. Their size and shape makes them easy to transport. Wind turbines are huge; they take up a lot of space and cannot be transported easily.