Benefits of Installing Residential Window Tints in Areas That Have Too Much Sun Streaming In

Australia is blessed with plenty of sunlight for most part of the year. However, for homeowners this also means a lot of sunlight streaming in through open windows; making the home interiors hot and uncomfortable. They are forced to run the air conditioner for hours and pay through their nose towards rising electricity bills. Too much of sunlight is also detrimental in other ways because of which you may be forced to keep your windows shut during the day. So how can you avoid paying huge electricity bills while enjoying the sun and all that natural light? Window tinting is the best way of doing so as it allows you to enjoy sunlight without being affected by its natural drawbacks.

How does Window Tinting Work

Tinting your windows involves applying a layer of polyester film on the window panes, either on the outside or the inside of the glass. The polyester film is treated with various chemicals and metals that give it its unique properties. A window film either reflects the sun’s light and heat and sends it back or absorbs the same as much as it can. Either way, there is no chance of direct sunlight entering your home once you get your windows tinted by professional House Window tinting Sydney.

How is Tinting Beneficial Especially in Extremely Sunny Areas

For homeowners residing in areas that have a lot of sunlight, window tints can really make a significant difference to the interiors of their home.

Window Films Reduce Energy Consumption

Research shows that solar heat permeating through closed windows is responsible for almost one-third of your home’s cooling costs. Drawing the blinds or installing heavy curtains hardly helps as this blocks off all the sunlight making your rooms dark and claustrophobic. Only good quality window films allow you to enjoy sunlight as such films can block almost 75% of the solar heat. This means you can significantly reduce the daily run time of your AC machines or run them at lower load specifications. In the long run, this means huge savings toward electricity bills, less energy consumption and longer life for your AC machines.

Window Films make your Rooms more Comfortable

One of the biggest drawbacks of having too much sun is the extreme glare inside rooms that really hurts your eyes. How many times have you had to shut a window or draw the curtains because you could not watch TV due to the harsh glare? Now with tints on your windows you can comfortably watch TV, work on your computer or read your favourite book for hours without worrying about the harmful glare.

Window Films protect you from UV Rays

Another major drawback of too much sun is exposure to the harmful UVA and UVB rays. Continuous exposure to the deeply penetrating UVA rays can result in a lot of damage to your skin such as appearance of premature wrinkles and photo damage. Over the years you also develop a greater chance of contacting skin cancer if you cannot protect yourself from exposure to UV rays. Only window films offer you this protection as they can absorb almost 99% of the UV rays before these can hit you.