Benefits of Having your Air Ducts Cleaned Regularly

Though it has never been conclusively proved that unclean air ducts can cause you and your family grievous harm, it is still recommended that you add air duct cleaning to the list of chores around your home. There is no blanket recommendation on the ups and downs of this, but the United States Environmental Protection Agency has been strongly urging native Americans to look at it as another health boosting procedure with possible hidden benefits and this is how we in Australia, must too approach the issue for our own good.

What harm can unclean air ducts do?

Dust particles and other particulate matter can enter your home from many sources, and unclean air ducts may be one of them. Mostly though, the dust particles in the air ducts stick to the inside surface of the duct. They do not necessarily enter the living space around us. However, if over a long time the dust layer inside the air ducts grows too thick it can possibly enter the air stream and cause problems when inhaled. This is why as a precaution it is necessary to clean air ducts, especially those present in the home cooling system that you employ.

In the cooler a pump is used to continuously pump water onto a pad that remains wet throughout. A fan unit is used to draw the outside air into the cooler, and as the hot air passes over the wet pad it absorbs water and cools down to a temperature that is thirty degrees lower than the original air temperature.

Things to remember when using the evaporative cooler

Evaporative cooling system works best when they are used at the hottest part of the day. This is because the relative humidity of the air is at its lowest and evaporative cooling happens fast and most effectively at this point of the day. Another thing to keep in mind is that the wet pads in the cooler should be continuously saturated with water and there should be enough water for the pump to function properly.