Benefits of Getting Floor Carpets Cleaned When you Move into a New Home

When you move into a new house, there are so many things to take care of. From getting everything in your former home packed to perfection and having it moved by the most trusted and reliable movers, to having the new home dusted and readied for your arrival, there is a lot on your plate. You might also place a real estate signage in front of your former home saying “For lease”, “For Sale” etc. Also once you have moved to your new house, one of the things you also have to focus on is getting the carpets in the new house cleaned and vacuumed before you move in.

It is almost an unwritten contract that a tenant on leaving a house furnished with carpets would have to have them cleaned before he vacated the house, or to have the landlord have it cleaned and pay for it out of his deposit. There are various reasons why a landlord would place emphasis on this – one of them being that a clean looking house is easier to sell to potential tenants. But as tenant, you should also place emphasis on the fact that your new house should be clean and carpet steam cleaning should be done.

It reduces your chances of moving into a filthy and broken-down home

Carpet steam cleaning goes hand in hand with other repair jobs in the house. So if you carpets are clean you can be sure that the other repairs and odd jobs around the house would have been taken care of too (though one can never be too sure and its only better to check!). Someone, whether it is the landlord or the ex-tenant – went to the lengths of getting the carpet steam cleaning done, and it is only to be presumed that they wouldn’t have left the faucets running wild!

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