Benefits of Corporate Video Productions

YouTube’s one of the most popular forums in the virtual world. Internet experts have touted YouTube as the most effective video marketing channel of 2014. Besides being extremely versatile, convenient and easy to use, YouTube has another big advantage, it is absolutely free to use. This means that you do not have to spend any money in uploading video content on You tube and neither do the millions of consumers who log in to YouTube each day have to pay to watch that corporate video. The only thing you have to spend on is ensuring a proper marketing channel for your advertisement or video. As a member of the small business community you should target the 30-60 second slot on YouTube treating it just like a conventional electronic marketing ads.

Use instagram to popularise videos

You must have heard of Instagram which is one of the most popular mobile phone apps around. More and more consumers have switched to using mobile phones for surfing the Internet as opposed to traditional mediums like laptops and personal computers. Instagram is one of the most popular video sharing channels around and it is specifically tailored for mobile phones. For small business owners, the 15 second slot allowed on Instagram should be enough to present their content.

Creating Training Videos

While professional actors will do the bulk of the presentation, your staff too can play an important part. Include a ‘Staff Section’ in your video wherein individual personnel from each department will share their views, opinions, success stories and much more. Maybe you can include an interview of floor workers on how safety issues affect them and then relate this section with the relevant section of the training video. This is an excellent way of showing your staff that you care about what they think. This policy of inclusion goes a long way in motivating your staff and making them feel important.

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Aside from uploading your corporate video production to Youtube, you can as well ask your web designer to place this in your company website.