Being A Chef

Chef de cuisine takes into account the ingredients on hand while placing new orders. They access the conditions of the equipments at periodic intervals to keep them in good working condition. Chefs make due arrangements for replacement equipment and backup supplies. They not only direct the entire cooking process, but also monitor it down the line and foster a strong team relationship.

Supervision and organization

The brigade chef and executive chef head the kitchen and supervise the staff members who work under them. For a kitchen to run smoothly it is mandatory that their leader is well prepared and organized to handle any situation.

Brigade chef supervises the staff members which fall in his section but the executive chef is the big boss and supervises everyone in the kitchen. The executive chefs plan the menu weeks in advance. They stay organized and maintain their calm and composure even in stressful situations.

Performing administrative tasks

An executive chef takes care of the numerous administrative tasks like budgeting, preparing the schedules of the various chefs and maintaining the kitchen records. The ability to multi-task is one of the essential pre-requisites for being a chef.

Menu planning

The chef plans a menu in accordance with his personal cooking experience and the establishment’s style. They make sure that the speciality menu items are rotated. To devise an economical yet mouth watering and memorable meal is the duty of the chef.

To achieve this target, the chef chooses the specific ingredients that are needed for the dishes in the menu on basis of the season. This is because of the fact that the seasonal fruits and vegetables are quite cost-effective. Being a chef means monetizing the menu to match the diner’s pocket and his preference.

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