All About Euphorbia

One of the largest and the most diverse genus of flowering plants is euphorbia. It belongs to the spur family and is not only used for commercial purposes but are also made into ornaments and jewelry. The reason being the floral structure that is too aesthetic and stunningly beautiful. Euphorbias are called diverse, as they range from tiny plants to enormous trees. These strikingly beautiful plants are able to tolerate scorching heat of the desert and withstand droughts and harsh climates.

Euphorbias are found annually and all over the world but mostly in southern part of Africa. While talking about the most integral part of their structure- features. These plants consist of sap which is latex like and white in color. The sap is said to be poisonous and milky in appearance. Their structures are unique with flowers having no petals. Also euphorbia is said to be the only genus of plants that has three kinds of photosynthesis.

A euphorbia is usually misunderstood with cactus which too is found on desert habitats. However only few people can understand the difference between these two plants. First of all euphorbias have tiny floral structures without petals and secondly they consists of thorns which are entirely different from the spinal structure of cacti.

One more interesting feature of this diverse flowering plant is its flower head which is very unique from other type of plants. Individual flowers which make up the head are either male or female. The vital sexual part in the male flower is called stamen, whereas the female sexual part is known as pistil. Glands type structures are attached to these plants in the form of modified leaf structures. However its intriguing that the collection of many individual flowers may be arranged together to form one big beautiful flower. These unique flowering plants contain fruits in more than two compartments with seeds that are four angled and sometimes oval in shape.

While talking about their most important uses then these flowering plants are said to be used in traditional Chinese medicine. Some of their species are used as food and even as hedging plants. Most importantly Euphorbia NZ can be used as one of the herbs to make drugs for the treatment of actinic keratosis.

As already mentioned above, euphorbias are said to be very useful and diverse in nature. One of the best and the most preferred euphorbias is the euphorbia martini. This plant has a 40cms height and a width of 30cms. The center is red in color with the beautiful light green flowers surrounding. This and the other plants can be bought from the various plant stores.