Adding a Custom Shed for Storage or Living

Most people could use more space, whether it is required for working, storing stuff or for special hobbies. However, adding to an existing home can often be time-consuming and expensive, and the preferred option is to add a custom shed Sunshine Coast.┬áThese are freestanding structures that don’t require permits in many places and their quick and easy setup and the basic construction means that they can be available in a short period of time. Meanwhile, the technology advances in prefabrication methods have resulted in semi-custom designs delivered to your doorstep, which can be assembled in a few hours.

The first consideration should be size and function. The size is should first be determined based on the requirement for space, which in turn is determined by the use for the custom shed. Is the intention to create a storage space for equipment such as a lawnmower or for gardening accessories or even as a greenhouse? The design will be determined by this decision because you may require extra windows for natural light for a home office or no windows at all for a no-frills storage space. It is probably a good idea to measure the things for storing in the custom shed and making an allowance for future growth. A common problem is the underestimation of the space required both now and in the future.

The next thing is to check the local zoning regulations because every municipality as different restrictions when it comes to custom shed type buildings. Many of these regulations will determine the size of a structure and the distance from your property line. For instance, the large majority of counties in the United States allow up to 120 ft.┬▓ without a permit. Typically, these structures are required to be situated 3 to 5 feet from the property line and, even if a permit is not required, there could be general rules about where your structure can be situated on your lot. Even if your area does not require a permit for the custom shed, you should submit the layout of your lot to the local zoning department to help them determine where your structure can be situated. The layout will probably be part of the closing documents at a time you bought your home. Alternatively, you can hire a survey relatively cheaply to prepare the layout.

Off the shelf kits can be bought from big box stores and prefabrication semi-custom units are also available from retailers online. Alternatively, if the requirement is a totally customised custom shed, an architect can be hired to design something which will blend with the existing house and the landscape. Obviously the price will depend on what is chosen for the most cost-effective method is to use off the shelf products.