A Website Designer Should Not Do on Their Website

    In website designing, there are no rules on how you are going to make it appealing to many. In this kind of field, you don’t have to follow any pattern or instruction but your own idea. Everything is based on your idea and on how you are going to make it possible. Being a website designer takes a lot of knowledge for you to be able to know how you are going to start. But if you already know how to do it, then it is better for you. But it’s not just about learning what you need to do; it is also about learning what you don’t have to do. There are some things that you don’t have to do for it might just ruin your website or make the viewer leave. What are they? Here are some of them.

•    Automatic music player. This commonly annoys the viewer of the website that has this kind of feature. If you think that it will make your webpage looks cool, believe me it’s not. People want it to be quiet as soon as they are reading the content of a website that’s why having this won’t help your website to appealing to people.

•    Unavailable in other browser. There are websites that are unavailable to be open by the other web browsers. For example, YouTube is made to be opened only by the Mozilla; if it is only made for Mozilla then those web surfers who use browser like Google Chrome would not be able to open it. If a website designer did this to his website or it happened without noticing it, then maybe he is not an effective one.

•    Uneasy to find music player off button. This is so annoying and so embarrassing for the person that opened this kind of website. Aside from the fact that he got the attention of everyone, he also made everyone annoyed because he can’t be able to switch the sounds of for he can’t also find the off button. This doesn’t help the viewer or the reader of the website so it’s better to not put this kind of things anymore. If you still insist to put music or music player that auto plays, make sure that the off button is just easy to locate so that it will be just easy to turn off.

These are the common things that the web surfers really hate in a website. Aside from the fact that it is not useful at all, it doesn’t helps also. For those website designers that are planning to do this, have a second thought first and instead of doing this, think of a better things that you can add in your website that will be very helpful for your viewers.

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