A Guide to Shipping Appliances to Australia

Appliances are manufactured in keeping with the voltage capacity and specifications of the country involved in production. Appliances are products highly susceptible to variations in electrical energy. In Australia, the electricity operates at 240 volts. So, the appliances shipped there should be able to operate at this capacity. If not then a transformer would be required to keep up with the electricity flow.  Thus, when shipping, these electrical glitches should be kept in mind.


One must have clear knowledge and concrete information when shipping appliances. Starting from packaging of the product to time required for shipment and the charges involved, everything should be clarified before you decide to ship.

The different modes of shipment and their charges attached should be known. If you can afford air fare, then it is a matter of 8-16 days. But if it is by sea you would require a time frame of 5-14 weeks depending on the type of container used for shipment.

When you are shipping materials for furniture, you should indicate the complete information details like type of materials, volume and the likes.


When you decide on the company for shipping the appliances, you should ensure that the cost quoted by them includes everything. The quotation should mention charges for packaging, the time period for shipment, details on Australian customs, storage fees at ports, total cost of shipment and all other charges which could be levied.

An insurance policy should be provided in case of any accidental damage to the appliance. Generally, insurance is based on a certain percentage of the declared value of your shipment. You should verify the percentage offered by your shipping company.