A Guide To Retractable Window Screens

Everyone loves the cool breeze, the sunlight shining through the window and a beautiful view. You love to keep your window open, but then you get bogged down by the fear of letting insects in and harming your family. So then you go for Window screens which make it possible for you to keep the insects out. These traditional screens, however, do not necessarily gel well with your décor.

Retractable screens

Retractable window screens’ is an easy solution for you. Unlike old-fashioned fixed screens, retractable window screens stay out of sight. This lets you retain your view without affecting your style. They typically consist of aluminum housings, slide bar and track and polyester mesh, although, and offer many choices for customization.


Retractable screens come in chic state-of-the-art designs. They are sturdy and made of durable material to take long years of wear and tear. Some also sport an innovative UV resistant mesh. They are available in a variety of shapes and can be used to fit almost any window type including awning, casement, sliding, tilt n turn as well as single and double hung windows.


The adjustable spring tension feature allows smooth opening and closing of windows. Fray resistant screens are also available which are more durable in high traffic areas. The deep track feature stops the screen from being puffed out when there is a high wind.

The heavy duty roller tube feature allows a smooth running process. The bumper stripping feature allows safety against little fingers from accidentally being pinched. There are also many other personalised features to choose from.

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