A Guide to Centralised Air Conditioning

Air conditioning services Brisbane has made man’s life a lot easier today, and central air condition is like a quick solution to cool your entire home. If you have centralised air condition system at your home, you need to take care of it, to make sure that you don’t have to spend hot days in summers without cool air.

Centralised air conditioning, no doubt has lot of benefits, but care is definitely required to keep the air conditioner in right condition. Before getting into the care part of centralised air conditioning, let’s have a quick look at, how it works?

How does Centralised Air Conditioning Works?

Central air conditioner has three parts – condenser, ductwork and the blower unit. Condenser is a huge hardware, generally stored in the garages. Condenser performs its function of providing cooling, through Freon gas.

Condenser condenses the Freon gas and converts it into liquid, which further reaches to the blower. After reaching the blower, Freon gets converted into gas and passes through long cooling coil. While passing through the cooling coil, the air cools down and finally reaches the rooms.

Simultaneously, Blower keeps pulling the air from the rooms and reaches it through the cooling coil to condenser. Condenser again converts the Freon gas into liquid and the same process keeps repeating itself over and over.

Unblock the Area

Make sure, that you have not the blocked the area around the air duct by putting some furniture or any other heavy item that can block the air. Immediately remove the item from the path, to enjoy cool air.

Curtains, blinds and window tints can help to maintain a cool temperature inside your home.

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