A Basic Guide to Electric Powered Forklifts

An Electric forklift is powered by heavy duty lead batteries that are large sized and resemble commercial car batteries. An electric forklift is ideal for use inside closed quarters, sheds and busy warehouses. They can also be used in well protected parking lots. However, if the forklifts have to be operated in harsh weather and rain then its best to avoid buying an electric forklift. Here are some facts you should know about an electric forklift. Looking for forklift? Check forklift ticket Brisbane.

Protect yourself by Zero emissions

In today’s polluted world, electric forklifts may be one of the ways you are contributing towards a more eco friendly workplace. Zero emissions mean absolutely no risk of pollution if you plan on using the forklift indoors. It’s advisable to buy a propane fuelled forklift if you plan to use it only indoors as these models have good ventilation systems.

Save on fuel costs

Electric forklifts don’t come cheap. In fact the initial buying cost is almost 20% higher. But once you have purchased the forklift you can save a lot on fuel costs. The cost of maintenance and fuel is 30% lower. You will end up with an overall lower cost of operations. This is another solid reason to invest in an electric forklift. Water Tank

Other benefits

Some other benefits that tilt the scale in favour of electric forklifts are their low noise production and long trouble free lifespan. With an electric forklift, you will be spared the hassle of calling in the technician every few days since there are very less number of parts in these models.

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