4 Reasons Why Organizing Your Commercial Fridge Is Vital

It takes effort to constantly ensure that your commercial fridges are properly organized. However, it is a worthy consideration. The following are some of the reasons.

Prevent food contamination

The most important reason why your commercial fridges should be organized is for health reasons issues such as contamination of food due to poor food storage. This can be harmful to your clients’ health and also to you as a business person, as you will be associated with bad results.

Proper placement of different foods is imperative. For instance, there will always be meat in any restaurant. Ensure that you store it in the lower shelves. This helps you with clean up especially in case of spills. More importantly, you are able to prevent cross contamination among foods. Mixing up of meat with substances such as juices can lead to spread of bacteria that are harmful to consumers.

All food has to be stored properly in the fridge shelves and not on the floor to prevent food contamination or infections. Ensure you inform your works of proper organizing the kitchen commercial fridges to avoid its impact.

Allow free flow of air

Proper organization of your commercial fridges can enable proper circulation of air. One way of ensuring this is by proper spacing of items inside the fridge. The ideal spacing is between three to six inches. This can prevent uneven cooling and freezing that can damage the food.

Another way to ensure free flow of air is by placing food away from the fridge’s fan. Most vulnerable food placed near fan are vegetables and fruits like berries. You also want to minimize the risk of freezer burn, considering how expensive commercial fridges can be.

Maintain the integrity of quality food

Proper storage enabled through proper organization of your fridge ensures that the integrity of food is maintained. As you know most restaurant food is of high quality. That needs to be maintained. Plus, high quality food is pretty expensive so you need to save that money by proper storing. You can achieve this by again, proper spacing.

Avoids wasting time

Restaurants work with tight schedule; you have to deliver food to clients when needed. Proper organization can help you with that effectively. You can label items in the fridge and their expiry dates to help you save time figuring out that at the same time giving none contaminated food.

So ensure your staff knows of ways to properly organize your commercial fridges from Brisbane to save money.